Terms of use & Privacy

Privacy statement

Thank you for using the skill profiler.

Data protection is important for us. This skill profiler is in accordance with the federal data protection regulations (Protection of your privacy and protection of misuse of your personal data: here, siehe auch here).

Your data will be treated in strict confidence and will not be communicated to third parties without your permission.

We make every effort to protect the tool and the databases from outside access, data loss, misuse or falsification.

When visting our websites the following data can be recorded in Log Files: IP-address, date, time, browser request and general information regarding browser or operating system used.

This data may be used for anonymous statistical evaluations to see trends and to optimize our website.

Your contact data may be used by skill profiler to inform you by eMail about news, changes or expiry of your user accout.

If you use AAI, access data (User, time) will be recorded in logfiles but will not be evaluated. At AAI Attribute Viewer (https://aai-viewer.switch.ch/) you can see the attributes concerning your personal information are available. The skill profiler uses defined attributes provided by your organisation (University) and the attributes you have provided yourself by saving personal data with the use of the skill profiler.

Anonymous data of users and their profiles may be used for statistical purposes by the entitled administrators of the universities. These extractions of data do not allow any conclusions to be drawn to individual persons.

The skill profiler, your user data and profiles are stored on a server in Switzerland.

You can cancel your registration at any time. If you delete your account, all user data and profiles will be deleted. Profiles for peers, which you have provided for others, the name and the Email address used can not be deleted completely as long as the peer has not deleted the peer profile you did.

If you did not login for more than a year, your user account and profiles will be deleted (after previous notification by eMail).

Terms of use

Users are defined as persons who have registered at the skill profiler or log in with AAI. With the use of the skill profiler users accept the terms of use.

The skill profiler can be used by members of Swiss Universitiesand the peers they have invited free of charge and and without obligation.

Other user groups can use the skill profiler free of charge, but are not entitled to a permanent use or a use free of charge.

Universities who want to operate the skill profiler for their members by themselves can contact willi.bernhard@ffhs.ch.


The skill profiler is a service for Swiss university members and is without obligation. The skill profiler does not claim to cover personal profiles correctly and completely. The profiler is a tool for a simple and quick self- assessment or peer-assessment. The skill profiler neither makes representations nor warranties (third parties included) regarding accuracy, actuality, correctness or completeness of information and profiles. Profiles are created with the data provided by the user and reflect her/his personal assessment.

There is not an entitlement for permant saving of user data and profiles. User, who did not login since a year, can extend the account for another year. Without this extension (by login)user data will be deleted after a second notification by Email. Users wanting to delete the account can export their profiles in advance.


The skill profiler refuses to accept any liability whatsoever for loss or damages arising in connection with the use or the publication of incomplete, false or not current data.

Functions or accessibility of the skill profiler may be impaired or interrupted temporarily for technical reasons or during maintenance without prior notice.

Obligation of the user

The user ensures the correctness of the user data, especially the eMail address which is used for receiving news and warnings (Expiry of the account).

Users are obliged not to violate the rights of third parties or common decency, especially in invitations to peers or peer profiles.

The user is responsible for an export of his/her profiles(saving, dissemination etc.). If the account is going to be deleted, the user is responsible for an export of his/her profiles in advance.

These terms shall be governed by Swiss law and may be changed at any time. These terms were translated, in case of doubt, the German version applies.