FAQs Skill Profiler


  • Who can use the Skill Profiler?

    Members of a Swiss Higher Education Institution can use the Skill Profiler (access via AAI single sign on). This is themain target group. Other people may use the profiler too, for example if they're invited as peers.

  • Why should I use the Skill Profiler?

    Using the skill profiler allows you to reflect your soft skills and to learn more about the job market.

  • Can I use the profiles outside of the profiler?

    Yes, for example as an artefact in your e-Portfolio, as print-out or as pdf/image integrated in your CV

  • What do you mean by peers?

    Peers are friends, working colleagues, professors (people whom you know) who will give an assessment of your soft skills by ranking the skills for you. So the result will be more objectives.

  • Why should I invite peers?

    Peers will add somebody else's perspective. You may compare your self-assessment to assessment of peers and get information about ho others see your soft skills.

  • How many peers can I invite?

    You can invite as many persons you want.

  • What peers should I invite?

    You may invite whoever you want, but best persons that you think know you very well - this in a private, educational or professional context.

  • What can I do with my profile?

    You can compare your profile with the requirements on the job market. You can also analyse your strengths and find out, which skills need some improvement.

  • Can I check different versions of my profile?

    Yes, you can check all your profiles, compare them among each other and compare them with the requirements of the jobmarket.

  • The job sector I'm looking for is missing. What to do?

    Each job sectors contains many jobs. You may find the job in the referring PDF on the Website.

  • How long does it take to rank the tool?

    From 5 to 20 minutes.


  • Are there fees for using the skill profiler?

    No, you can use the Skill Profiler for free. Skill Profiler can decide to restrict access to user groups (Swiss, HEI, Switzerland other).

Use, Functionalities

  • Why create more that one profile for myself?

    You as a personality will develop over time and your soft skill profile will change. If you create several profiles over time you will be able to see changes and progresses.

  • Can my profile be linked to job offers directly?

    Actually that isn't possible. This function was rated low and has had a low user confidence in the feasibility test. But such a function is an interesting option for the further development of the skill profiler.


  • How long will my user data (account) and profiles be stored?

    Your skill profiles exist as long as you don't delete them. Your account will be deleted automatically if you don't use it more than 12 months (after advice note by email). You will be able to prolongate your account for the next 12 months by logging in.(Note: We can't grant that Skill Profiler will be available over x years. If the service should be stopped you will be noticedbefore and be able to export your data).

  • Can I create different accounts (with different email addresses)?

    Yes you can create different accounts, but usually that will not make sense because you can't compare your profiles then directly.

  • I forgot my password. What to do?

    If you've used your AAI Account contact the responsible person at your institution. If you've generated a local account on skill profiler contact willi.bernhard@ffhs.ch, phone number:

Access, Privacy

  • Do others see my profiles?

    No, no other person has access to your profile or can see profiles peers generated for you. If you want to share your profile you should export or print it. Administrators will not look at your data or profiles if you don't ask them to do. Local administrators are able to analyze profile data of user cohorts - but only anonymisez data are provided to them.


  • Who is behind the Skill Profiler?

    The service is offered nationally by SUPSI. The Skill Profler wa created during a cooperation project of Swiss Higher Education Institutions (AAA/SWITCH).

  • Who is my contact in case of technical problems?

    It's the contact at your own institution. People not belonging to an Swiss HEI should contact willi.bernhard@ffhs.ch directly.